Ultimate beat maker on Android phones.

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Sequence Groovebox - appealing and flexible Android app for music creation and performance. Unlock your creativity with different instruments and sounds, without stopping the music flow. Produce beats, bass lines and melodies using powerful synthesizer and punchy drum machine.

Fast, fluid, immediately playable

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Launcher allows you to manage musical fragments quickly and easily, switch between them seamlessly. Playback of patterns is completely synchronous, while combining them, the user enjoys continuous performance. Patterns organized into rows form the “scene” and can be triggered by a single click.

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Behind the simple interface with 16 pads, lies a lot more. Playing and recording is true pleasure, because of its solid rock timing and different levels of quantization, controlled by the user. Each individual pad can set its own audio sample, adjust pitch and envelopes and also apply several audio effects.

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Responsive keyboard with low latency, enables you to play endlessly with synthesizer or samplers. It exposes specious keyboards for two octaves, organized in separate rows. With the small help of quantization, capture the bassline which goes well with the current drumbeat...

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If you want to correct what you have recorded, or you want to plot your beat directly, there are powerful sequencers. Both drum sequencer and piano roll are easy to use and have rich editing capabilities. Many of our users claim that our drum sequencer is the best on Android.

Sequence Groovebox has a awesome VA (Virtual Analog) Synth built by Sequence engineers. It has two oscillators that give a smooth and natural sound without digital artifacts. Filters, envelope generators and modulators allow you to achieve the sound of legendary retro analog synthesizers. Groovevebox also allows loading samples from your favorite piano or guitar and playing them on the keyboard. The sampler has classic ADSR envelopes and a low-pass filter to additionally shape the sound.

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Sample-based rhythm machine comes with hundreds of preset sounds supplied by the installation, ranging from the familiar kicks, snares, and hi-hats to legendary 808 and 909. Users are able swap samples or entire kits on the fly without interrupting the beat. Sound from each sample-chanel can have its own pitch, envelope and three send effects.

Unlock your creativity and let the music flow

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